Locally crafted, sustainably sourced, and female-owned.

  • Salvage

    We aim to salvage and recycle as many of our goods and resources as possible. For example, the cord used in macrame products is supplied by a small business in Miami that creates cord out of recycled fibers. The dowels used in wall hangings have all been salvaged, thrifted, or otherwise saved from sitting in a landfill for the next 100 years.

  • Repurpose

    You may start to notice a theme here, but we hate waste. Like, really. if there's a way to give something multiple purposes, or reuse it in a different way that's more useful currently we're all for it! We have helpful resources over on our blog to help you make the most of our products that weren't able to be salvaged- our amber candle jars, for example; We also run a recycling program to help have them returned to us if you aren't able to find another use for them!

  • Redesign

    Our roots as a company stem to our days restoring and redesigning furniture to give them a second (or third, or tenth) life. We aim to see the oportunity in anything, regardless of it's surface appearance. Some may call it naive optimism, but we're hopeful that they'll change their mind ;)

Hello, I’m Megan.

Owner, designer, creator… I wear many hats here at Disorderly Adventure! The origin story behind the brand is the disorderly way in which I like to travel the world and inevitably find myself in the most unexpected and wonderful situations because of it. My aim is to provide products that inspire this same type of creativity, and spontaneity; Give people new stories to tell and goods to share in the most authentic way. When I'm not working on building Disorderly Adventure, I'm dog-mom to Parker, our team mascot!

Hi there, I’m Madeline.

I'm one of the Creators here at Disorderly Adventure.

My background is in the study of people and their histories, having received bachelors in both Psychology and Anthropology .In a way, through Disorderly Adventure, I am continuing my exploration into the human condition with the curation of goods and services that contribute to a greater connection between consumers, their community and environments.

Woof woof woof!

Woof! I'm Parker. Company mascot, or ya know, the boss. Same difference, right? I'm the inspiration behind the Disorderly Dogs collection (oh, and the Parker candle!), and I LOVE testing out all the new dog toys as they're made!