Getting to know the DA Fall '22 line-up

It’s officially August, meaning fall is right around the corner! I can almost hear the crunching leaves, smell the pumpkin spice, and feel the chill in the air… well, maybe not that last one, we’re in Florida, after all. 

We’re launching four fall candles this year, on August 26th, so I figured now is a great time to introduce you to the new and returning scents. One of our favorite parts of candle making is blending new fragrances, so we’ve played around making some new blends this year that we’re super excited about!


Scent #1: #basic

Our first returning fragrance from last fall, we can’t wait to bring this #basic fall magic back into our home. This candle pulls together the perfect essence of a pumpkin spice latte, with a heavy emphasis on the spice. If you love traditional pumpkin candles, you’ll be right at home with our custom blend; If you don’t, you may also find this candle brings you the fall pumpkin-y warmth your home is looking for. Like I said, it leans heavily on its cinnamon spice notes, and even Madeline loves the way this blend brings fall to life without overpowering the senses.

Become your best #basic self this fall!

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Scent #2: boozey cider 

Next up, we have our second returning scent this season. Boozey cider was by far the best seller last fall, and we’re excited to bring it back in our new vessels. Blending apple, cinnamon spice, and a sharp twist of whiskey, this candle will have you reaching for the apple cider (or for the Jameson) in no time! Cue the cool-weather bonfires, acoustic guitar, a group of friends, and of course, the fresh cup of boozey cider.

Get your boozey on, and beat the end of summer heat!

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Scent #3: dirt road anthem

Third, we have a fresh take on another fall ’21 favorite. Dirt road anthem was a huge hit last year, and was another best seller. We’ve updated the fragrance a bit to play more into it’s cedar notes, and offer a *crunchier* base than the slightly more fresh take it had last year. It’s a luxurious take on a gritty feeling, and I absolutely cannot wait for the weather to turn to start opening up all the windows, lighting this candle up, and belting my favorite Jason Aldean song.

Dirt road anthem plays with notes of cedar, pine, oakmoss and a hint of citrus, and it feels like watching the leaves change while driving down a backroad with *that* person.

 Make new memories this fall with dirt road anthem.

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Scent #4: coffee shop talks

The coffee shop meet-cute you’ve always dreamed of, but in candle form. Coffee shop talks is at the pinnacle of T Swift Begin Again meets You’ve Got Mail, with a twist of Gilmore Girls. With notes of whipped vanilla crème, hazelnut coffee, and a swirl of caramel, you’ll be transported to your favorite coffee shop for a chat with a friend in no time.  

Caffeinate your candle game this fall with coffee shop talks.

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Looking for a ~spookier~ take on fall? Let's take a look at our 2022 Halloween collection!

Scent #5: witchy business

Get witchy with our new halloween scent. This candle was a happy accident in an attempt to bring new life to one of our old favorites, it turned out way better, but not at all comparable to anything we've done before. Predominantly featuring notes of sage, palo santo, and sandalwood, witchy business effortlessly combines earth tones with luxury and mystic.

Live your best Practical Magic or Charmed life with witchy business this fall.

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Scent #6: bonefire

"A fire of bones" sets the mood for cozy rituals. As Autumn rolls through, the time for bonfires begins!

Bonefire blends smokey vanilla, tobacco leaf, and amber musk to transport you to a cozy bonfire on the edge of town. Don't forget the marshmallows and boozey cider, it's going down at the bonefire.

Get cozy this fall with bonefire.

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Scent #7: better dig two

Fall into a monochromatic world of the living dead with this unnervingly dark floral scent. It brings to life (or death) the melancholy of fading love with notes of powder, patchouli, and rosewood. 

Live out your cryptic Tim Burton fantasy this fall with better dig two.

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Which candle is your favorite? Let me know in the comments, or over on our insta!










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Loving all the fragrances & the vessels & labels are so in line with my booth design!!! Excited for partnering with DA for my customers to explore them all 🔥

linda mann

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