Get to Know the Summer '23 Collection

Let's Get to Know the New Collection!

This launch is a reflection of my growing up in Florida and experiencing life in North Florida for the past decade. Today, I'm thrilled to unveil our latest fragrance collection, inspired by coastal cowgirls, summer good vibes, and the resounding care-free nature we strive for that was so easy to come by when we were 18. This is a deeply personal and passionate curation close to my heart, and I hope y'all love it!



Costal Cowgirl

Imagine a tranquil night on the beach after a day of hard work (or play). Our Coastal Cowgirl fragrance encapsulates this enchanting experience with notes of citrus, saffron, ozone, florals, and salt. It's like a breath of fresh ocean air, mingling with the earthy allure of a cowgirl's spirit. This scent invites you to embrace the laid-back beach vibes and bask in the coastal glow.


Watermelon Moonshine

Bittersweet memories of first love, first drinks, and the carefree days of youth come alive with Watermelon Moonshine. A harmonious blend of watermelon, oak, tobacco, and brandy creates a scent that's as alluring as the Lainey Wilson song it's inspired by. Nostalgia and excitement intertwine in this unique fragrance, reminding you of cherished firsts and the blissful feeling of summertime freedom.


Any Man of Mine

Inspired by the iconic Shania Twain song, Any Man of Mine exudes classic warmth and charm. The enticing fusion of cedar, amber, musk, and citrus will envelop you like a tender embrace, inviting feelings of security and comfort. This timeless scent complements any space, making it the perfect addition to your sanctuary.

A Quick Note About Disorderly Candles

At Disorderly Adventure, we are committed to nurturing our planet as much as our passion for creativity. Throughout the fragrance-making process, we prioritize sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives. With every purchase, you join us in preserving the beauty of our environment.


I'm SO Excited

As I share this collection with you, I can't help but be reminded of my own journey and the experiences that have shaped it. The Coastal Cowgirl Summer Aesthetic collection is more than just candles; it's a piece of my heart and soul. I hope that each fragrance takes you on a unique adventure, stirring cherished memories and creating new ones.

Discover the scents that resonate with you, and let them transport you to sun-kissed shores, cherished firsts, and warm embraces. Welcome the Coastal Cowgirl Summer Aesthetic and let these fragrances weave their magic into the fabric of your life.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and for supporting Disorderly Adventure's passion for sustainability, creativity, and personal connections.

Explore the Coastal Cowgirl Summer Aesthetic Collection today and share your experiences with us. We can't wait to hear your stories! 

Oh- there's also a playlist to get you into the spirit! Check it out here!

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